Dario Cecchini | The European Music Agency
The European Music Agency works on a national, European and worldwide level with many leading and influential figures on the jazz scene. We are headed by a dynamic and experienced team which is involved in every aspect of production, booking and publicity for all its contracted artist.
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The overall composition, its style and its form continue, as in Funk Off, to be the central
part of Dario Cecchini’s music, but with this trio Cecchini is searching for greater freedom
both harmonically and in the development of the pieces by looking for influences from a diversity of musical genres. All of this is done with great attention to the group’s sound which is always personal and varied, never haphazard and cheapened, but always enthralling and refined. This is due in part to the variety of musical instruments the trio’s leader plays which, other than baritone saxophone, include soprano saxophone, flute, alto flute, and bass clarinet and also to his partners, two of the most acclaimed young musicians on the Italian musical scene: Guido Zorn on bass and Bernardo Guerra on drums.
The trio recorded “Taking Pictures”, its first CD, in July 2015.