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The European Music Agency works on a national, European and worldwide level with many leading and influential figures on the jazz scene. We are headed by a dynamic and experienced team which is involved in every aspect of production, booking and publicity for all its contracted artist.
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Flamenco Heart

From an idea of the Spanish based in New York couple Sonia Olla and Ismael Fernandez come the two different projects “Tablao Sevilla” and “Gypsy Jazz”, both performed by 7 components: Ismael Fernández (singer), Ismael “El Bola” (singer), Yerai Cortes (guitar), Chano Dominguez (piano), Bandolero (percussion), Pol Vaquero (dancer) and Sonia Olla (dancer).

Tablao Sevilla recreates the traditional tablaos cafe setting found in the South of Spain. All emotions, drama and passion of traditional flamenco are experienced in this tribute to this art form. Effervescent heel-and-toe step combinations and volcanic shoulder-and-hip actions present the music and the dance of Flamenco in its most pure and improvised form. All the choreographies are original and ideated by Sonia Olla.

Gypsy Jazz is a show with a unique musical style mixing the traditional sounds of Jazz and the Flamenco, a genre of music known for its rich oral tradition with melodies passed down across the generations. In this case the protagonists are the singers (father and son) and the piano that, followed by the other performers, create a unique and memorable atmosphere for the audiences. Jazz music creates a sophisticated ambient trilled and coloured by few great and unexpected solo and duo of flamenco dance.