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Drift-Lab:Montesanti, Federico Malaman, Daniele Chiantese, and Matteo Mancuso.
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It is rare that instrumental projects by Italian players having roots in jazz, rock, and fusion music manage to capture music lovers’ attention worldwide.

It only happened in the Seventies, when Italian most creative and virtuoso musicians brought their own way of interpreting progressive music around the world.

Today such a rare thing is happening in a different way and outside traditional discography to our “fabulous four”: Manuele Montesanti (Piano/synth), Federico Malaman (electric bass guitar), Daniele Chiantese (drums) and Matteo Mancuso (electric guitar); They are inspired by Bach, Miles Davies, Frank Zappa and by the best fusion music. You can easily tell they studied all these genres deeply.

The connection with these musical worlds is exactly the reason why they met. Sound design experiments via software and in-depth knowledge of synthesizer programming are at the basis of Drift-Lab musical composition, as originally conceived by Manuele Montesanti. The fluidity of Chiantese’s groove, the playful Malaman’s virtuosity, and the phrasing by the multifaceted Mancuso’s personality transform Drift-Lab performances in expressive creativity and technical virtuosity combination that always remains at the service of the composition.

You can just go to Youtube and listen to “Moonlight” and “Japanese Experiment” if you want to see how the Drift-Lab master their instruments so much that they convey the pleasure of playing to everyone who listens to and enjoys their music.